Surf livello intermedio

Improve your skills and techniques in surfing

After mastering the beginner skills, you will wish to have more information about surfing. During this improver lesson, you can learn what ever you need to improve your knowledge or surf style. We will teach you how to choose right size of surf board, how to maintain the speed during paddeling - essential point of surf - without this basic think you never gona catch any waves :-(, how to duck dive (how to push surfboard under the water), how to do nice maneuvers, about the surf etiquette (right of the way in the sea)...You will discover all the world of surfing.
Each course takes 2 hours or choose our pack of 10h surf.

What Dragon surf school supply and what you should bring:
All students are provided with the surfboard and wetsuit. There is also in the price 3rd liability insurance and basic accident insurance.
Clothing & Extras
In summer: Beach wear as a T-shirt, short and flip flop, swimsuit, beach towel, a hat, sunscreen, water and sunglasses.
In winter: Warm clothing, swim wear, towel, hat, water.
Meeting point:
We meet us in surf shop Dragon, in Polígono La Vega in Tarifa. See the map.

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2o 50€
4o 100€
6o 150€
8o 200€
10o 225€
2o 70€
4o 140€
2o 80€
4o 160€
6o 240€

Surfing for advanced surfers, also for girls and kids. Bring your surf knowledge to the next level.